4 Week Training Program, Diet, Body Fat Measuring

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Everything you need to change your body!

A fully customised strength training program built for you catering to your strength level and goals.
Everything you need to know in order to go to the gym and pump out pb after pb. Every exercise, every weight, every rep, every set is provided clearly and easy to access in your online Recomposer account.
Fuelling the training is your custom diet. Every food, every weight and simple to follow meal plan showing how to spread the food over the day, is provided.
Weekly or fortnightly consult by either phone or email to monitor and track the progress of your training and diet. Send me your body weight and body fat test results and lets see how you're going. Fat testing can be done with callipers, dexa machine, inBody etc. Any changes that need to be made to the training or diet are based on these measurements.
Everything you need to know is provided. Now get to the gym and train!
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