I love weight training! I’ve never felt the desire to stand on stage in a body building show. I never enjoyed competing in powerlifting competitions. I do however, have an unquestionable love of weight training. Some of us train for the pleasure of training and because we want to look a certain way. Trophies have no meaning. There is an unmatched satisfaction achieved by breaking through barriers and doing things you’ve never done before. There aren’t many avenues in life that allow you to do that as consistently as in the gym. Put in work and the results will follow.
I practice what I preach. I don’t eat cheat meals. I don’t eat off my diet. I don’t drink. I train hard and to failure. I understand that training is about constantly making progress and not just doing stuff for the sake of it. Everything is measured and counted. If I tell you to do something, it’s because I do it myself, not because a website or course told me.
 I like to lift heavy weights. Im pretty good at it too. I don’t like lifting when any one is around though, so I film everything as proof that I actually did it.
Below is one of those videos.
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320kg Deadlift

250kg Squat

Owner / Director of Recomp:HQ . Over 10 Years training experience . ISSN Sports Nutritionist . ASCA Certified Strength Coach . Recomp Body Recomposition Specialist

170kg Bench Press


Adam Hayhow

For You

Let me do the thinking for you. I provide the list of foods to eat and how much of each food. I also suggest how to spread that food evenly across the day. I build the diet completely around you so it fits your daily routine. I tell you the exercises to do, how much weight to lift and how many times you need to lift it. If you need me to, I can teach you how to train effectively. We have an iPhone app and online software that allows you track and measure everything you do. Your account is set up and customised to you from our first meeting.



It all starts with the right food. Food is fuel. Without we don’t grow, we don’t function. The catch to that? The quality and quantity of food determines how you grow and how you function. For the sake of what we do, it determines how you look and how much space you take up. The best training can’t beat bad nutrition. Much like the training programs, every food, quantity and meal is planned out with your goal as the focus. Each week body fat and weight is measured and adjustments are made accordingly. Everything is measured to get an accurate reading of what your body is doing. Variables are eliminated. There is no guess work.



You gotta lift! Calculated goal and target specific strength based training programs. Training is about making progress. If your goal is to build a lean physique, then you need to be consistently progressing. If your training goes no where, your physique goes no where. Simple. Using the Recomposer software, programs are constructed with a clear goal: to make progress. Programs are designed to strengthen weaker muscles which hinder the primary lifts: Bench Press, Squat and Deadlift. With all muscles working at the same level, rapid improvements are made. Each month a strength test is conducted to accurately measure strength gains. Every exercise, every rep and every set is included with a big picture in mind: to have you lifting what you’ve never lifted and have you looking like you’ve never looked!



Breaking sets and exercises down and teaching how it should be done for you to make consistent progress. Knowing what happens during a set or movement is valuable information. What good is a coach if they haven’t experienced it first hand? How can they teach you anything if they don’t know themselves? Having achieved an almost quadruple bodyweight deadlift (world record standard), more than a triple bodyweight squat, as well as hundreds of 20, 30, 40 and 50 rep sets, not to mention training after a major injury that baffled surgeons and required major surgery, I can confidently say I know what you’re about to go through and I can help you get through it. Anyone can count numbers, but teaching someone how to block out the voices in your head and push beyond your normal limits, can only be done by someone who has done it themselves.



Be it for the competition stage or just wanting to look you’re best, my customised training programs and diets can be built for what ever you are trying to do.

Lots of weight.

Lots of Food.

No cardio. Ever!

Below are a few of the people I have worked with.


I have worked with hundreds of people around the country over the years providing customised programs and diets. It doesn’t matter if you’re standing in front of me or we communicate through email, the high quality service remains the same.  How does it work? Simple! To get started I need some details about you : Body weight, Height, Age , 3 site pinch test pinches and your goal. I will also need your 1rm lifts on a Bench Press, Squat and Deadlift.  Either via email or over the phone we will conduct the initial assessment where I will find out the background info I need to structure your program and diet around your individual requirements.
Once the program and diet have been made, you will be given access to your Recomposer account which displays your goal, training program and diet with the meal plan. Each week I need your weight and 3 site pinch test results which will be entered in so you can track your progress. Any alterations that need to be made to the training program or diet will be made at this point.
I am available to you at any time through either phone or email to discuss any issues or answer any questions you may have.
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How do i get started?

contact me for the initial assessment. this includes being fat tested, setting a goal for what it is you’re trying to do. a background chat so i can see what you’ve done, how you’ve done it, what you’re doing now and anything else i need to know in order to customise your program and diet correctly for you. after the chat, we will do a strength test consisting of bench, squat and deadlift where we work up to your 1 rep max. this strength test together with the chat and goal setting gives me the numbers and information i need to build your personalised program and diet.

How do you build your training programs?

training in general is about making progress. this is measured in the gym by an increase in weight lifted, resulting in increased strength which leads to more weight lifted and so on and so on. the by product of strength is muscle. every body composition goal has a muscle element. how much muscle you need, will determine exactly how much stronger you need to get. to begin building a program we need to find out how strong you currently are. this is done by conducting a three lift strength test, where a max is found on the bench,squat and deadlift. the focus is placed on these exercises because they are the three movements that will change your body the most!  now that we have a starting point, a couple of simple questions need to be answered: what is it you’re trying to do, and, what needs to be strengthened in order to achieve that goal? if the aim of the game is to get stronger, then basing a program on the weights lifted in the strength test would be waste of time. we know you can lift it, why spend 4 weeks to only lift the same weight again? thats not going to build any muscle. no one is going to put 60kg on their max deadlift in 4 weeks so setting a target that high would be pointless. treating each client in a case by case basis, a realistic target for increased maxes is set. the strength test allows me to see where weaknesses are. each of the three exercises can be broken down into stages, and smaller exercises are used in training to strengthen the weakness found in each stage. depending on what needs to be strengthened will determine the exercises i include in your program. every program is different because every program has a different goal.

what are weight targets and rep goals?

bodybuilding 101 will have you doing rep ranges of something like 4-6 or 10-12. but why? what does that even mean? powerlifting would have you doing no more than 5 reps on anything because “whats the point of doing high reps? strength gains come with low reps, anything more is cardio.” when trying to measure performance, things need to be a little more specific. we set max weight targets because that is the true way of gauging progress and strength gains. if you bench 100kg at the start of the year as your max, and at the end of the year you’re still benching 100kg, you’ve gone no where. it doesn’t matter how pumped your chest gets or how red your face goes, you’ve gone no where.  if at the start of the year you bench 100kg and 3 weeks later you bench 110kg, you’ve progressed. it doesn’t matter how ugly it was, you’ve still made progress. we set weight targets because its how we keep focused on progressing. it also keeps us honest. if you’re numbers haven’t gone anywhere in six. months, make all the excuses you want, you’ve still wasted six months of training. rep goals allow us to measure performance through a calculated max.  the recomposer software works out the weights and reps for every exercise and every set for the 4 week duration of the program. the weights for each set are a percentage breakdown of the targeted max. for example : if your bench press target max is 100kg. the first set on day 1 of the program might say 60kg – goal : 30 reps. 60kg is 60% of the target max. 60kg x 30 reps is the equivalent of doing 100kg x 1. now you know that anything less than 30 reps, will calculate to worse than a 100kg bench, which would mean you failed to do the work to equal your training target. if on the other hand you were to do more than 30 reps, that would mean you have a calculated max higher than 100kg, and the program needs to be adjusted to account for your progression and new strength.

do i really need coaching?

in order to get your body doing what it has never done before its important to have someone there to show you what to do and how to do it correctly. not someone who read it on a website or saw it on youtube, but someone who has done it and experienced it first hand. someone who can tell you the little things that make all the difference in an exercise. how the bar bends differently under certain weights, meaning you need to adjust how to lift it. how the weight can suddenly shift your balance forwards if your head is in the wrong position, potentially causing back or knee injuries. how as you bring a weight down, different muscles engage and if you don’t reach the right depth, the muscle you’re targeting, didn’t do anything. coaching isn’t training. its teaching. its teaching you the things you need to know in order to make massive progress. i said on a previous page that “anyone can count numbers”, well counting numbers isn’t teaching you anything. its going through the motions for the sake of doing reps. a coach breaks down the movement to make sure its done correctly. teaching you how to continually push your body to places its never been before.

how do you customise a diet for me?

there is a rule out there that says something along the lines of every woman should consume 1200 calories and every man around 2000 calories per day. because as we all know everyone is exactly the same height and weight, has the same strength, the same body goals and has the same level of daily activity. everyone is exactly the same therefore we all should eat the same way.uh huh? it’s this kind of stupid thinking and logic that has trainers giving clients essentially starvation diets. 80kg women on 500 calories per day. 120kg men on 1500 calories per day. yes you’ll lose weight, but in the process you’ll lose a ton of muscle and screw your body and hormone levels completely resulting in long term damage. performing a simple pinch test gives us your individual maintenance level of calories. everyone is different, there is no set rule! this maintenance level is the minimum amount of food your body requires for you to simply exist. to tick over. not perform. not train. not work. just exist. if you want to do anything more than sit on your butt 24/7, then you’re going to need more food to fuel it. the maintenance calories…they’re spoken for! seeing as though everyone is in fact different, every goal is also different. which means, every diet needs to be built differently. working with you, we discuss the foods you’ll actually eat and exactly how much, how you’ll spread it across the day, what is best to have at what time of day. there is no thinking on your part. this is your diet for your body and your goal.

can i have cheat meals?

you can have what ever you want. presumably you’re an adult and can make your own decisions. something to think about in regards to cheat meals : when has eating cakes,lollies,ice cream and other bad foods ever made someone look good? seriously.

do you use supplements?

a select few. a lot of money can be, and is spent on supplements. look how many supplement shops there are these days. the labels claim the world. with drug like results. but the truth is, the product does nothing.not a thing! however, there are a few supplements available that are useful and compliment a well constructed diet. not trying to replace the simple goodness of real food, the right supplements can fill the gaps where mother nature is slightly lacking.

do you do cardio?

no. i do the things that help my body get stronger and build muscle. as cardio has nothing but negative effects on strength, i see no point in doing it.

do i need to train with you?

of course not. if you’re an experienced trainer or feel that you are able to train at a high enough level to make consistent progress then there is no need to train with me. all i ask is that on a weekly basis you come and see me and get measured so we can make sure the diet and training is working correctly.  if you are unable to see me, then simply find someone to take your measurements weekly and send them through so i can monitor your progress. at the end of the day, it is my job to teach you to train so you don’t need me.



Recomp HQ

Recomp HQ is a training facility unlike any other! Every Element designed and crafted for optimal body recomposition. Progress without compromise!

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